What is YouthBuild?
YouthBuild USA is a comprehensive youth and community development program as well as an alternative school. Youth Build, designed to run on 12-month cycles, offers job training, education, counseling, and leadership development opportunities to unemployed and out-of-school young adults, ages 16-24 through the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing in their- own communities.
BCA History In Youth Training
The Black Contractors Association of San Diego, Inc. (BCA) was established in 1982 as a non-profit community based organization to promote small business opportunities and youth training in construction. BCA member contractors, over the past 19 years, have hired and trained 1,000's of youth from inner-city communities, in all phases of construction. BCA Board of Directors are licensed general contractors, who have engaged in millions of dollars worth of construction projects. The BCA is made up of 85 licensed contractors, 3 large architecture firms, 2 engineers, 3 major land developers, and a host of industry supporters who engage in some of San Diego's largest construction projects
History and YouthBuild Facts
YouthBuild U.S.A.'s Roots: YouthBuild traces its beginning back to 1978 when a group of New York City teenagers expressed their desire to renovate abandoned buildings and revitalize their community. Dorothy Stoneman, then director of Youth Action Program in East Harlem Block Schools, helped them select a building, raise funds, and hired adult trainers. The teenagers' successful renovation of a Harlem tenement led the Youth Action Program to form a coalition of local not-for-profit organizations seeking to replicate the program. When the coalition expanded nationwide in 1988, it became what is now known as the YouthBuild USA Coalition. BCA YouthBuild is now apart of that National Coalition funded by a HUD grant to successfully graduate and train 28 youth ages 16 - 24, in building two homes from the ground up, one of which, they will live in.
Community Benefits
  • Providing housing, a safe place for the homeless, teaching Independent Living Skills, and assisting youth ages 16-24 years of age who are in a transitional stage to become responsible, employed and successful young adults.
  • Creating opportunity and transition for youth who may be aging out of Foster Care. Teaching them Independent Living Skills and helping them with a "Fresh Start."
  • Working with community partners to develop affordable housing in San Diego.